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David is the Marketing Manager at Appsee . He’s an app analytics junkie and mobile app UX enthusiast. Besides having a penchant for finding visuals within plain data, he’s constantly looking for excuses to buy a new Apple product. In his free time, as a lover of film and good food, he finds himself ordering in and watching re-runs entirely too often. He also openly confesses to buying too many toys for his cat Lula. You can follow David on Twitter @NirDEvanhaim .
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What If Trump was an App?

Thanks to the fact that I work for a really innovative app analytics company [...]

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A Basic ROI Calculation of Your Mobile App Analytics Tool

Not every mobile app company is pinching pennies, but it certainly feels like [...]

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Cheat Sheet: How to Make the Most of Your App’s Action Cohorts

If you are a mobile product manager you have probably utilized or at [...]

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The Dos and Don’ts of Mobile Loyalty Programs

There is no better time of year to tighten up on those mobile [...]

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5 Neuro Design Principles Every Product Manager Swears By

Mobile user behavior is COMPLICATED! Today's users abandon apps for a range reasons and [...]

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How To Re-Engage Mobile App Users Without Spending a Dime

Every mobile app has engagement problems. Yes, every. On average, apps lose about [...]

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Cheat Sheet: How to Protect Your App from Bad Mobile Ads

  "Had to uninstall this app because it had annoying, full-screen ads. I couldn't [...]

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5 Crucial Pieces of Advice for the New Mobile Product Manager

New to the mobile app product space? Yea, I’ve been there. Anyone who [...]

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