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Emily is the Marketing Manager at Appsee . A passion for writing, social media, growth hacking, and everything marketing, Emily thrives in the digital marketing realm. She is constantly looking for new and innovative techniques to implement. When Emily isn’t writing or finding new content to explore, she can be found hiking, diving, or walking the streets of Tel Aviv. You can follow Emily on Twitter @emilysgoldring .

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Launch Day for a Mobile App

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As a Product Manager Rank Your Top Challenges

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Can you identify these zoomed in app icons?


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Hot or Not: Mobile App UI

Swipe left or right and decide which mobile app UI you like. [...]

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Oren Boiman, CEO and Co-Founder of Magisto, Talks Entrepreneurship

Oren Boiman is the CEO and co-founder of Magisto, the world's most popular [...]

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Paul Jackson, Managing Director at Castle, Talks Product Management

Paul is a Product Manager who has been building digital products and services [...]

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Cliff Gilley, Technical Product Manager at K2 & Founder of The Clever PM, Talks Mobile Product Management

Cliff Gilley has been a B2B product manager for over 10 years in [...]

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Edik Mitelman, Head of Product of AutoCAD 360 Mobile, Talks Mobile Product Management

Edik is Head of Product at AutoCAD 360 at Autodesk. He holds a [...]

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Ellen Chisa, VP Product of Lola, Talks Mobile Product Management

Ellen Chisa is the VP of Product of Lola, an app that provides [...]

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Joe Cotellese, Director of Product Development at AWeber, Talks Mobile Product Management

Several years ago, when Joe Cotellese had the opportunity to meet a real-life [...]

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